Cindy LED Tape

Cindy 24v LED Micro Tape Light has an ultra slim, low profile design that is half the width of our other tapes. Its micro size makes it ideal for highly discerning customers who want a light source as small as possible for tight or highly visible spaces such as in or under cabinets, under counters or even inside drawers. Despite the small size, the high quality LED diodes emit 275 lumens per foot and meet a stringent three-step binning threshold that will allow for a consistent color of light across an entire run

  • 900019-15
    Cindy 20ft micro tape 3000k wh

  • 900018-15
    Cindy 20ft micro tape 2700k wh

  • 905032-15
    Cindy Power Cord wh

  • 905033-15
    Cindy Joiner Connector wh

  • 905034-15
    Cindy 3" Connector Cord wh

  • 905035-15
    Cindy 6" Connector Cord wh

  • 905036-15
    Cindy 12" Connector Cord wh

  • 98745S-12
    60W 120V Primary 24VDC Secondary Electronic Transformer Black Powder Coated Encloser Damp Location

  • 98746S-12
    105W High Output LED Tape Electronic Transformer

  • 98747S-12
    150W High Output LED Tape Electronic Transformer

  • 98743S-12
    200W High Output LED Tape Magnetic Transformer

  • 98744S-12
    300W High Output LED Tape Magnetic Transformer

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